Brand: Diana F+

Insight: Most brands pride themselves on what they get right, but the Diana F+ thrives by doing the opposite. Light leaks, distortions, and the lack of crystal clear quality are just a few of the things that make up the Diana F+ camera.

Idea: The Uncamera 


Billboards placed in bus shelters around the city that will give users an idea of what it's like to use a Diana F+, simply use your smartphone to take a photo through the stained glass to get an image filled with light leaks and color distortions. 


The dysfunctional auction will be a fine art auction with a twist: you won't know if what you're bidding on is the work of a famous artist, or an amateur. 


The reverse gallery. A traveling outdoor gallery composed of amateur submissions. 


We'll hang multi-colored stained light panels to bring the Diana F+ into the physical world. 


To encourage a newcomers budding photography hobby, they'll be given a limited edition viewmaster and film binder with their first purchase of the Diana F+.